Artemis Archery Asheville

     Traditional  Archery Instruction and Empowerment


Therapeutic "Embodiment Archery"  is an excellent tool to help you gain                               confidence, skill and be AT HOME IN YOUR BODY.


You need to have a self from which to shoot from.  Pull back your bow, aim and hit your mark.  The ancient meaning of "SIN" is to "miss the mark".  We don't come to Earth to be perfect.  We come here to improve our aim.  Let a private EMBODIMENT ARCHERY LESSON assist you on your healing journey.

"Alexandra believed in me.  She gave me the confidence

to face my fears and go beyond what I thought I could do.

She opened up new possibilities and helped bring out the 

fullest potencial in me I didn't see.  Alexandra made 

therapy FUN!"

   - Chris - Board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner

EVERYONE can gain confidence, learn to focus and attain spiritual poise from therapeutic archery, This form of Archery can be profound for people who have experienced violent abuse or who have been squashed by life in some way leaving them dis-empowered and dis-embodied.  Archery can help you find your power elegantly, build your confidence, maintain boundaries and aiming true, release your arrow out into the world and hit your  " target."

  Adding archery to your healing protocol can boost your recovery process  tremendously.  Archery requires you to be in your body, grounded, focused, calm then to release your energy out into the world.  Hearing your arrow zinging through the air then hitting your mark is a very satisfying thing.  Your target can be your INTENTION, GOAL or  BOUNDARY to a "trespasser."  Archery is not only fun and empowering, it is very useful.

PRIVATE Embodiment ARCHERY SESSIONS last one hour. I provide all equipment.  I teach you traditional archery and help you to remain grounded in a safe and supported private space. I skillfully work with you if anything "comes up."

I strongly recommend combining Embodiment ARCHERY with a "SOMATO EMOTIONAL RELEASE" SESSION.  This is an excellent therapy to help release trapped emotion stuck in your body.  My healing arts office is two miles  from the archery range.  I recommend going from the archery session strait into a therapeutic session.  I offer free 20 minute consultations to see if we are a good fit therapeutically.  I have over 20 years professional experience in the field of HEALTH, TRANSFORMATION AND WHOLENESS.  For details of my  healing arts practice please visit my

HEALING ARTS website: 

​  or call  828 257 2707 for FREE 20 minute consultation.