Archery Birthday parties and events

Join us for a wild scottish time.  be Brave!

We create a mini Highland Games with active time and relaxing craft time.  Compete Clan against Clan with Tartan sashes.  Choose a grand champion!  Activities include Archery and lesson, Leg Wrestling warm up.   Arm Wrestling, Tossing the Caber

(a wee tree trunk), Leg Wrestling, , Three Legged and Running Races. Craft your own Celtic Love Knot, Family Crest,  Celtic Ballad Singing.  Optional Bullseye Cake, Brave Bookmark, Custom Celtic Pin, Smoking Magic Cauldron, Mug and Costume Rental.

 Come sit by the fire and sip hot chocolate or your own beverage of choice.  Guess the meaning of Scottish phrases or tell brave tales of your own adventures!

The Hunger Games


May the odds be ever in your favor!

Activities include Archery and Lesson. Warm up, Fire,  Running Races.  Obstacle Course Recommended.

Lord of the Rings-Hobbit

Archery, Lesson, Warm up, Fire. Choose from:  Running Races, Riddles, Arm Wrestling,  Leg Wrestling, Dwarf Song, Circle Dance plus lesson, Costume Rental.

For Pricing, Availability and Details Contact:   828 257 2707

Three Tiers of Party to choose from:  Minimum of six Guests required.

Classic party- Archery Group Lesson and shoot, use of field and 20 ft. Party tent with tables/chairs  and fire bowl for 2 1/2  hours.

Adventure Party- All of Above plus Giant Coffee Sack Races and tug o war with big sisal rope for 3 hours

Epic Party- All of Above plus full obstacle course- hurdles, barrels, balance beam, tunnels etc. for 4 hours!

Pricing: Base Price plus a charge for each guest  Inquire for Details and Availability.  Extra charge for Zombie Apocalypse theme.

Waiver is required for All parties and Guests.  Archery Theme Party can be moved to another location for an extra charge.

Themes available:

Disney's "Brave" movie                 Lord of the Rings-Hobbit     Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest and his merry men

The Hunger Games                             Elves vs. Orcs                      Amazons vs. Romans            Lothlorien elven wood 

Zombie Apocalypse      

Indoor Parlor Archery on little bows with tiny arrows (Inquire) 

Artemis Archery Asheville

     Traditional  Archery Instruction and Empowerment