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Is Artemis a WAR GODDESS?

To be clear Artemis is NOT a Goddess of War. However she has been taken as an inspiration to women who require self defense and whose territory has been encroached upon by oppressors.  She teaches us to be in touch with our healthy predator instincts.  Humans of course are the apex predator on this planet.  Defending ones "territory" is an instinctual drive.  An example is the "Amazons" of ancient Greece fighting the Romans.  Let us not forget Artemis wears a crescent moon on her head symbolizing intuition.  She teaches us to  embody our instincts and utilize our higher knowing.

      Artemis Archery Asheville teaches traditional American recreational field archery  on recurve bows at our private range in West Asheville, N.C. We shoot at 5 ring paper bullseye archery targets on a straw backboard outdoors.  Our professional coaches have a life long love of archery they enjoy sharing.

​ Each professional lesson includes a warm up, explanation of equipment, safety, lesson, lore and supervised shooting.  All equipment is included.  You may bring your own traditional bow (under 35# draw) and arrows with field points.  No hunting arrows, compound bows or crossbows permitted on property.

       All instructors have current certifications as level two coaches with USA Archery -the American training and certifying organization that includes teaching Olympiads. Lesson and shooting time varies depending on the amount of people involved from one hour for a couple to three hours for a large group.

      Archery has been on this planet for over 64,000 years with a fascinating history and mythology.  Currently archery is enjoying a much needed revival in the human psyche in the movie industry worldwide. In the past 10 years there have been 10 movies with fearless female archers as their lead; including “The Hunger Games” with Katniss Everdeen filmed right here in our Asheville area.

      Of course there are many male archer hero’s of folklore beside them from Robin Hood to “Green Arrow”.
Artemis Archery Asheville stands apart from other archery instruction because of its holistic approach using archery to attune to ourselves and nature. Inspired by Artemis the Greek Goddess of Archery and the wild wood let us teach you how to pull back your silver moon bow and loose your arrow into the world!

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       Why Artemis?

                                                                                Artemis, protector of animals.

Artemis is an ancient Greek Moon Goddess.  She is the fiercely beautiful huntress of the wild forests. She is the protector of Women in childbirth and children including baby animals.  Artemis is embodied and at home in nature fully in touch with Her instincts. She keeps the harmonious  "balance of nature"- that is the balance between predator and prey.  Artemis is the divine Archer. She always hits Her mark.  

She was known as a "virgin" by the ancient Greeks.  "Virgin" by the old definition is a woman who is not married.  In ancient patriarchal Greek culture daughters were "owned" by their fathers then passed on to their husbands who now "owned" them.  Most Women were not much more than  slaves in that time.  Unfortunately this same situation survives in many places today.  Artemis Women are free and "owned" by no one.  They are whole and complete within themselves.

They are INTER-DEPENDENT NOT CO-DEPENDENT. The ancient patriarchs tried to scare their wives and daughters away from these wild women of the woods by saying "they are celibate and chop off their breast to do Archery." These were lies and war propaganda  from a threatened system of misogyny and subjugation of Women.   Many Greek vases show Roman soldiers and "Amazons" fought  one another. The ancient Greek patriarchs warped the original meaning of virgin which today we would equate with being sovereign and  free.  

Artemis is the sister of Apollo and daughter of Leto and Zeus.  Artemis Women in relationship are partners with their beloveds, not two halves of one whole.  They are two whole people dancing together. 

In our modern times where co-dependance, misogyny,  the subjugation of Women, disconnection from our bodies, our instincts  and nature is still rampant.  We take Artemis of the wild forests as our modern role model.   Artemis asks "What do you need to call back to yourself to be whole?"

    Why Katniss?


                                            Katniss Everdeen-star of the Hunger Games movie.

"Katniss Everdeen" was the star of the movie "The Hunger Games."  This blockbuster movie was filmed here in Asheville where we do our Archery.   The movie was a brutal display of teenagers having to kill each other in a distopian future as penance to their overlords in a futuristic gladiator like game.  Why is it that we love Katniss in the "Hunger Games" even though she also kills teenagers?  There is something different about her. Katniss is an excellent example of overcoming oppression.  Katniss has many qualities of Artemis too. Each time she killed she did so because she instinctually had to.  Somehow it felt "right" when Katniss killed.  She was an excellent example of "natural law" at work.  As a matter of fact Katniss displays each of the five reasons why a healthy predator kills in the wild.  Can you name the five reasons?  Come to class and you find out....